Clinical Research Center in Kansas City

Meet Kansas City Research Institute

Kansas City Research Institute conducts Phase I – IV clinical trials yielding results that empower medical professionals and patients to make informed health care decisions by advancing medical knowledge, promoting new and promising treatments, and facilitating access to otherwise unobtainable medications.

  • Our Purpose

We exist to heal the world through cutting-edge research.

  • Our Mission

Build an environment that is both fulfilling and impactful.

  • Our Vision

We see a world where our patients thrive because of what we do at KCRI.

KCRI’s Mission

Without places like KCRI that dedicate work and resources to conducting clinical trials, many helpful and even life-saving medications would not be available today. 

We put our patients first, focusing on quality of care and providing the people in our community with medicine they otherwise could not access.

Core Values

KCRI is a patient focused center that emphasizes positivity and growth.

KCRI seeks to understand, encourage, and help others.

KCRI is a positive atmosphere dedicated to teamwork.

KCRI group staff photo

Our Staff

Every team member at our clinic is dedicated to improving not only the lives of our individual patients, but the availability of life changing medicine to the national community.

Meet our Team
Dr Bradley Freilich, M.D.

Our History

When Dr. Freilich first began practicing as a Hepatologist in the late 1990s, his primary focus was treating patients with Hepatitis C. He found that these patients were still experiencing liver damage after treatment.

Driven by a desire to improve the accessibility and range of patient care, Dr. Freilich founded KCRI to help explore new and emerging treatments.

Over the past 20+ years, Dr. Freilich and his team at KCRI have conducted more than 330 clinical trials, focusing on more than 20 different disease areas.  KCRI has been instrumental in the processes it takes to bring new treatments to the public. Without physicians like Dr. Freilich and places like KCRI, many treatments may never receive FDA approval or be available to you.

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