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Kansas City Research Institute

Welcome to Kansas City Research Institute, led by board-certified Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist, Dr. Bradley Freilich.

Dr. Freilich has over 25 years of clinical research experience in phase I-IV trials, and has conducted over 300 clinical research trials for patients in the Kansas City metro and surrounding areas.

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clinical research institute kansas city

Kansas City Research Institute

Dedicated Clinical Research Center in Kansas City

We put our patients first. Our priority is to ensure high quality of care and provide the people in our community with treatment they otherwise could not access.

Our Mission
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Dr Bradley Freilich, M.D.

Our History

When Dr. Freilich first began practicing as a Hepatologist in the late 1990s, his primary focus was treating patients with Hepatitis C. He found that these patients were still experiencing liver damage after treatment.

Driven by a desire to improve the accessibility and range of patient care, Dr. Freilich founded KCRI to help explore new and emerging treatments.

Over the past 20+ years, Dr. Freilich and his team at KCRI have conducted more than 330 clinical trials, focusing on more than 20 different disease areas.  KCRI has been instrumental in the processes it takes to bring new treatments to the public. Without physicians like Dr. Freilich and places like KCRI, many treatments may never receive FDA approval or be available to you.

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Current Trials

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Those That Participate

We are always taking on new research studies for all types of conditions. Submit your information today to be contacted for current or upcoming research opportunities.

  • See a board-certified physician at no cost

  • Gain access to potential new treatment options before the general public

  • Receive compensation for time and travel

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Our Staff

Every team member at our clinic is dedicated to improving the lives of our individual patients and the national community by enhancing accessibility to life-changing medications.

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