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Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) / Fatty Liver Kansas City

Non-Invasive Liver Testing


What is a FibroScan?

FibroScan is an FDA-approved liver scan using shear wave technology (similar to an ultrasound) to identify the presence and severity of liver fibrosis (scar tissue) and fat build up in the liver.

Alternative to liver biopsy near me in Kansas City

Why Fibroscan?

Fibroscan is a non-invasive imaging tool used in the overall management of liver health. While an effective tool in diagnosing liver scarring, it is not a direct substitute for other imaging procedures such as Ultrasound or MRI. When partnered with other imaging and lab work, it allows for a comprehensive evaluation for the diagnosis and treatment of various liver diseases.


  • FDA approved
  • Non-invasive, 10-minute procedure
  • Early detection of liver fibrosis
  • No hospitalization
  • No recovery time
  • Covered by most insurance companies


  • Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C
  • Liver disease related to alcohol consumption
  • Alcoholic Fatty liver disease
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Chronic liver disease, such as:
    • Hemochromatosis
    • Primary Biliary Cholangitis (PBC)
    • Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC)

Exam Process

During a FibroScan, your technician will use a probe to send pulses of energy to your liver. This provides a measure of the amount of scaring and fat buildup in your liver. This, in conjunction with your medical history, will give your doctor important information regarding your liver health.

  • Do not eat or drink for three hours prior to a FibroScan appointment. No additional preparation for this appointment is necessary.
  • This noninvasive procedure is painless and does not require any form of sedation.
  • The FibroScan procedure only takes a few minutes to complete, after which you are immediately back on your feet.
  • Results are sent to our physician for review and interpretation, then shared with you and/or your provider.